Pasauli iedvesmo resnīšu tiesību aktīviste no Austrālijas
Foto: Privātais arhīvs

Kamēr lielākā daļa pasaules iedzīvotāju nepagurdami dara visu, lai iegūtu plakanu vēderiņu, apaļu dupsi un kārdinošu ķermeņa reljefu, dzīvesstila un ceļojumu blogere Daniela Galvina no Austrālijas dara tieši pretējo –viņa propagandē kuplas auguma aprises un lepojas ar lieko svaru.

26 gadus vecā Daniela ir pašpasludināta resnīšu tiesību aktīviste un ar zobiem un nagiem cīnās par cilvēku tiesībām būt apaļīgiem un mēģina veicināt iecietīgāku sabiedrības attieksmi pret ļaudīm ar lieko svaru.

"Jau kopš bērnības vienmēr esmu bijusi liela. Es biju garāka un lielāka nekā citi bērni, lai gan biju visai aktīva – dejoju, spēlēju tenisu un braukāju ar divriteni," Daniela stāstījusi britu izdevumam "Femail".

Kad meitene bija pusaudze, viņas vecāki mudināja savu atvasi sākt sportot kopā ar personīgo treneri. Arī pati Daniela nebija apmierināta ar savu ķermeni, un nepatika pret sevi vainagojās ne tikai ar depresiju, bet arī ēšanas traucējumiem.

Sasniedzot pilngadību, Daniela beidzot apņēmās sakārtot savu dzīvi. Viņa sāka apmeklēt psihologu, tika galā ar ēšanas traucējumiem un iemīlēja sevi tādu, kāda viņa ir.

Ir miljoniem "Instagram" modeļu, kuras popularizē veselīgu dzīvesveidu, fiziskās aktivitātes un slaidumu. Savukārt Daniela nolēma kļūt par apaļīgo cilvēku aizstāvi, atbalstītāju un iedvesmotāju.

Viņas "Instagram" foto blogam ir vairāk nekā 100 tūkstoši sekotāju, kas tiek priecēt ar kuplas ķermeņa aprises un lieko svaru slavinošiem foto.

Tiesa, kā pastāstījusi Daniela, viņai netrūkstot arī nelabvēļu. Daudzi sievietei pārmet neveselīga dzīvesveida un aptaukošanās popularizēšanu.

"Mans mērķis vienkārši ir panākt, lai apaļīgus cilvēkus sāk respektēt un cienīt," sacījusi Daniela. "Tas, ka esmu resna, atbalstu feminismu, esmu laimīga un pozitīva, ir nokaitinājis daudzus, jo mums tika mācīts, ka būt tuklai sievietei ar savu viedokli ir kaut kas slikts," piebildusi influencere.

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🎄From my back fat to you, Merry Christmas ya filthy animals! #morerollsthanabakery ❤️What gift has Fat Positivity given/taught you this year? I’d love to know, comment below⬇️

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If FAT bodies fill you with superiority sadness disgust shame sadness rage If FAT people who love themselves make you uncomfortable scared worried uneasy pissed off annoyed jealous If you comment on FAT photos to harrass them about health laugh at them tag your friends to make fun of them pity them wake them up give them "tough love" bully them Then I get it - our society has always made you feel that is right. That is okay. That is understandable. To go after the fat people. Except - FAT PEOPLES BODIES ARE NONE OF YOUR FUCKING BUSINESS. If you do any of the above I feel sorry for you because you think that you've seen the light, you think you've got all the answers figured out but you're actually just a byproduct of an oppressive harmful reality of our society. You are the spawn of beauty culture, you are the bully in the teen movie that everyone hates, you are not morally saved or doing the right thing. You are simply a person who's been taught and bought all of the stereotypes and stigmas around fat bodies. Maybe you even put that hatred on your own body and self, that too makes me sad. You can however unlearn it, you can become woken to the ideas of body positivity and fat phobia. You have control over that. So sincerely from a fat person become an ally, educate yourself and do better. #dietsdontwork #dietsarebullshit #dietculturecandie #safespace #fatactivism #fatactivist #bodypositivity #bodyimage #fatactivist #bodyconfidence #selflove #selfcare #bodytrust #effyourbeautystandards #plussize #fatisnotabadword #bodypower #kindness #eatingdisorderrecovery #mentalhealth #edrecovery #riotsnotdiets #dietculturedropout #enddietculture #healthateverysize #nobodyshame #loveyourself

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To the silent grim reapers and those who “hate follow” my account + report every photo and report my account itself. Don’t worry karma is coming for you. For the people who endlessly support me and who truly value my work - were gonna be okay. They can take down my posts, they can troll my photos, they can be assholes. Let’s let them because in my real life I’m sitting on beaches and fucking LIVING in a community of positivity. If you’re interested to know my thoughts on the deletion of my photo yesterday it has been moved to my website. 🌴 I’ll see you there! #dietsdontwork #dietsarebullshit #dietculturecandie #safespace #fatactivism #bodyimage #fatactivist #bodyconfidence #selflove #selfcare #bodytrust #effyourbeautystandards #plussize #fatisnotabadword #bodypower #kindness #eatingdisorderrecovery #mentalhealth #edrecovery #riotsnotdiets #dietculturedropout #enddietculture #healthateverysize #nobodyshame #loveyourself #trolling #bullying #bullies

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Remember next time you see a billion comments, 10 articles & the queen bestowing a honorary award to thin women who eat a burger or some shit with the caption “don’t give a fuck, no diet today, cheat day, I love me a thin girl who can EAT” let me remind you that any time I even make reference to food I get direct messages of death wishes and comments that I will die. People have told me that’s why my fat ass can’t fit on planes. If I even make reference to food my whole entire body is analysed & every assumption made of my body. My food consumption weaponised. I will not be put on a pedestal. Buzzfeed won’t run an empowering story on me. I am chastised. I am sent hatred and vitriol. I am condemned. While it is not the fault of thin women that they are turned into heroes for “eating” it is the society we live in that makes a hero out of them and a gluttonous pig out of me. It is the same people that celebrate thin women for eating cake that come at me with pitch forks for consuming anything. IT IS NO ONES JOB TO POLICE OTHER PEOPLES FOOD CHOICES. FOOD SAYS NOTHING ABOUT YOUR MORAL CHARACTER. It is so fucking odd to me that as an eating disorder survivor that people come for me. I see many other thin bopo/ed recovery accounts celebrated for “eating wins”. I get uploaded to reddit, have YouTube videos made about me and get told to kill myself. Support fat people. Be a fat ally. Repost them and shout them out as often as your thin heroes. Most of us fat people are struggling just to even have a space to eat or to be free or TO LIVE. If you are apart of the body positivity, eating disorder or self love communities and you lift up those thin women who eat but shame me. You’re the bad one. You feel ashamed. You do the work. You be brave. Also here’s me enjoying fries 🖕🖕🖕 for all the miserable fucks. #dietsdontwork #dietsarebullshit #dietculturecandie #safespace #fatactivism #bodyimage #fatactivist #bodyconfidence #selflove #selfcare #bodytrust #effyourbeautystandards #plussize #fatisnotabadword #bodypower #kindness #eatingdisorderrecovery #mentalhealth #edrecovery #riotsnotdiets #dietculturedropout #enddietculture #healthateverysize #nobodyshame #loveyourself

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I get this question all the time. “How did you become so confident? I don’t know where to start”. The bullshit answer says : “oh I just put my mind to it and decide to love my body for all the gifts it has bestowed me” - the truth “I kept waking up day after day for the last 8 years trying my best, stumbling the fuck through the world and reading about other people’s experiences, sharing my experiences and connecting with others whom also have experience body hatred to let myself grow forgiveness, neutrality, celebration and joy around my body”. So back to the read part. I’ve been thinking for a while putting together a body positive MUST read list is this something y’all would enjoy? (Some great authors tagged in this post) Also who would like a completely 2000(s)’esk ASK DANI column on my website once a week. Where I would answer one question a week tackling it with humour, humility, honesty and love? What question would you ask. Topics of interest might include chronic illness, pcos sex, love, relationships, body image, eating disorder recovery, mental health, fashion and self esteem. Who would love this ‘big-sisterly’ type answer series and what would YOU ask me? 👇 #bopo #bodypositivity #bodylove #bodyimage #fatactivism #fatactivist #reading #reader #librarycupboard #ikea #hemnescupboard #ikeahemnes #bodylove #bodytrust #askdaniseries #plussize #read #ilikebigbooksandicannotlie #bodyconfidence #selflove #eatingdisorderrecovery #mentalhealth #edrecovery #riotsnotdiets #dietculturedropout #enddietculture #healthateverysize #nobodyshame #effyourbeautystandards

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