Juta un Gints noteikti ierindojami starp aktīvākajiem pašmāju šovbiznesa pārstāvju ceļotājiem, un pēdējos gados abi paviesojušies daudzās skaistās un eksotiskās zemēs – Meksikā, Taizemē, Bali, ASV un citviet.

Nesen abi atpūtās Grieķijā, kur Juta arī nosvinēja 28. dzimšanas dienu, bet vēlāk saldais pārītis krāmējis koferus, lai mestos jaunā piedzīvojumā – mīlnieki devušies ceļojumā uz Japānu.

"Esi ar kādu, kurš kopā ar tevi ir gatavs darīt trakas lietas. Piemēram, doties uz Japānu," savu mīļoto Gintu slavējusi Juta, un pāris savus "Instagram" sekotājus iepriecinājis ar krāšņu ceļojuma kadru virkni.

Geisha vibes 🇯🇵❤️❤️❤️ #japan #tokyo #fuji #fujimountain #geisha #asia #vacationtime #vacation

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One of the craziest things in relationship is to do something you don't really enjoy to satisfy your other half. I love extreme things. So when I told Gints I want to do to Six Flags in LA for the second time, he was totally there for me. I hadn't any clue how he felt about that lol 😁 So, when we got there, the heat and humidity was really doing it's best to destroy us as we stood in the line for the tickets (and why yes, we didn't bought them online), and Gints got the "best of it". When we got the tickets, we went to the farthest attractions that we didn't have the time enjoy them the last time. So we actually did do some 5 or 6 attractions there in 1 hour as I noticed Gints is not doing well, he's turning green and sweating like crazy. We took some break and he just told me- " I actually hate roller coasters and I came here because you wanted it." It actually costed us 115$ per ticket plus parking, gas and the precious time in our US vacation. At that moment I realized how much he loves me- he did something he don't like to make me happy. So we left the park 1h after we arrived there cos it was my time to put my egoism aside to go home as Gints was not feeling well. But the main thing is- in relationship you can't be selfish , you both have to make it work to satisfy other needs. Love each other and be there for each other. That's what love is all about...❤️❤️❤️ #japan #tokyo #tattooedcouples #vacation #vacationtime #fuji

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If you want to feel rich, just count the things you have that money can't buy. #japan #nikko #couple #travel

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We take photos as a return ticket to a moment otherwise gone. - #loveyourlife #lovetotravel #makememories #moments

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I love the world and I will never stop exploring. - #japan #kamakura #buddha #rain #travel

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