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Sociālajos tīklos strauji populārs kļūst jauns novirziens, kura ietvaros dāmas dalās ar savām celulītainajām ciskām un dupšiem, aicinot citas sievietes lepoties ar savu izskatu un mudinot sabiedrību nenosodīt līdzcilvēkus.

Ārvalstu mediji vēsta, ka celulītaino dupšu kustību aizsākusi kanādiešu izcelsmes sieviešu tiesību aktīviste Kenzija Brena, kura nesen padalījusies ar attēlu, kas papildināts ar daudznozīmīgu vēstījumu.

"Es nevēlos pirkt jūsu piedāvātos celulīta krēmus," teikts bildes, kuru Brena publicējusi savā "Instagram" foto blogā, aprakstā.

Foto viņas ciskas un dupsis iemūžināts no dažādiem rakursiem, lai pēc iespējas labāk būtu redzams, ka šīs viņas ķermeņa vietas klāj tā dēvētā "apelsīna miziņa" jeb celulīts. Bilde papildināta ar mirkļbirku "#celluliteaturday".

Viņas piemēram sekojušas arī daudzas citas sievietes, kuras sociālajos tīklos publicējušas līdzīgus foto, un ārvalstu mediji paredz, ka novirziens kļūst arvien populārāks.

Kā saviem sekotājiem vēstījusi Brena, viņa vēlas pārliecināt sabiedrību, ka celulīts nav uzskatāms par defektu vai trūkumu. Savukārt citas sievietes komentāru sadaļā atzinušās, ka beidzot sajutušās laimīgas un brīvas, kad iemācījušās pieņemt un sadzīvot ar celulītu.

IF YOU TRY TO SELL ME YOUR CELLULITE TREATMENT, I DON'T WANT IT. 😷 Now thats out of the way... This girl goes to the gym 4-5x a week. She weightlifts, includes cardio and plyometrics, she eats a personal well balanced diet and has for the last year. For those of you who comment and tell me "if you only lost ten pounds your cellulite would go away," without having researched my page to see I have lost over 50 pounds and yes my cellulite appear has reduced but it has not "gone away." Here are the stats again: 93% of women have cellulite. AND- You have a 90% chance of developing cellulite if you're a woman. 🙆💕If those stats don't make you feel at home and normal in your body I don't know what will 💕🙆 We have made it a "COSMETIC issue" not an indication of health. This is straight from the doc's mouth, not mine. It has to do with a combination of genetics and hormones. Which you can really only fuck with to a certain extent. THE ONLY WAY TO REMOVE CELLULITE IS TO REMOVE FAT. Can you remove fat through a topical cream? By massaging it? By drinking green tea? By rubbing coconut oil on yourself? That's not how it works. Stop this misinformation right now. 👏Cellulite is normal. And the beauty industry capitalizes on saying we need it removed.👏 Again, I'm not going to shame a woman for trying to work to get rid of hers I completely understand and respect the decision to do so. This message isn't for her. This message is for women who crave acceptance, self love and want appreciation for their bodies as they exist right now. Also sorry for the dbl watermark, I saw some people using my photos and cropped out my name from them 🙃 how nice! #cellulitesaturday #mermaidthighs #effyourbeautystandards #bodypositivity #nobodyshame #lovetheskinyourein #thisiswhatfitlookslike

A photo posted by Kenzie B (@omgkenzieee) on Oct 29, 2016 at 6:56am PDT

It's #cellulitesaturday woooohooooo!! I'm wearing a romper to my sons game today. So many people around. In the past I would have been SO self conscious of having my legs out. Of showing my cellulite to the world. As if it was a terribly horrific thing that no one else had and I should be ashamed of. And sitting with shorts on? Omg I died, I'd drape a sweater over my dimpled sides or a napkin or my purse- however I could cover them. As you can see, I've come to realize that cellulite is not something to be afraid of. The dimples on my legs are not something I allow to dictate my life and what I can wear anymore. The ripples on my thighs when I cross my legs, like in this photo, they hold no power over me. It's part of who I am, no matter a size 4 or 18 and anywhere in between, I have learned to live peacefully, and fashionably with my cellulite. And when I honor her, she releases her hold over me and I can get back to just doing me! So, as always babes, just do you! Release the hold that those negative beliefs have on you. Xoxo Allie

A photo posted by 🌴 ALLISON 🌸 Girl Power Guru 🙌🏻 (@allisonkimmey) on Oct 29, 2016 at 7:47am PDT

Buckle up, folks; here's another post about my body. Are you over them yet? I am just in a constant state of introspection. Like my body changes daily, so do my thoughts about it. I wasn't originally going to post this photo because I zoom and zoom and zoom on all my imperfections. "My followers don't need to know that I have fat there." But fuck, man, it's not about that. I always named a number. I will be my best me at this weight. This is THE number. Numbers dictated my satisfaction. It's not until recently that I figured out that it's not finding comfortability in your ideal number, it's finding comfortability and confidence in all your body stages and numbers. I had an experience in Rome a week ago where I under-packed my clothing by a day, so I needed to buy a shirt. The pickings are slim in Rome for any type of chunk, so I settled on H&M. Shuffling through clothing racks, I noticed that their biggest sizes were large, with the exception of a few XL's. It brought me back to being in high school, feeling so discouraged and hating my body because stores made it feel like it was abnormal; shameful, even. I looked around and I found no familiar body types. I felt out of place; that my body didn't belong. It's like, years of work and body positivity can be shattered by one experience. I felt like I relapsed on my positive image, going back to self-sabotaging thoughts and actions. Dreading even looking at my shadow in the street because I didn't like the dimensions of it compared to the person I was walking next to. So, here I am. Vacuuming my house in yoga pants and a sports bra. Here I am, walking on the Tampa Bay Trail, letting the world see my cellulite. Here I am, allowing you to zoom in on my vulnerability. I will love this stage, and I will do my fucking best to love the next stage, no matter what number it is. #bodypositive #plussize #effyourbeautystandards #UsingIGAsABlog #cellulitesaturday

A photo posted by Victoria (@vrose27) on Oct 29, 2016 at 5:35pm PDT

Simply amazing! Stay fierce gorgeous! Thanks for supporting the #selfiesforselflove movement 💝😸🌺 from @josie_landry #Repost @deegetsstronger with @repostapp ・・・ Second curvalicious cellulite post, in honor of @omgkenzieee's #cellulitesaturday's (woop woop!!!!) and her attempt to spread awareness of the shame our society has brought onto our bodies💕 There's no shame in having squishy bits on your body, or having those same squishy bits move whenever you do. There's no shame in embracing and loving yourself, or spreading that love to others. There's no shame in participating in activities that "aren't meant for your body type". There's no shame in wearing whatever the fuck you feel most confident in. Shame is for the people who put others down for the sole sake of feeling better about themselves. For the media outlets and public figures, who would rather endorse a product that is profitable to them, than use their high positions to spread positivity and love to their audience. And for the ignorant minds who will tell you that self love is not in itself an act of spreading love to others. Health is not defined by one particular shape or size. Health is not cellulite creams/low-carb breads/fat-free yogurts/waist trainers/detox tees/fad diets/2 week ab programs/body wraps OR ANY OTHER LOAD OF CRAP THE MEDIA TRIES TO SELL YOU. Health is being aware of your body's needs - giving it rest, challenging it, nourishing it, and most of all, being able to truly call it home.💕

A photo posted by Selfies For Self Love (@selfiesforselflove) on Oct 23, 2016 at 10:11am PDT

Last night I wore a costume that showed my thighs in all their glory. It's weird, I didn't learn to hate my thighs until college. Maybe it was one too many pairs of jeans that rubbed through the thighs or friends who complained about their own leg jiggle. But I do know I've always had #thundathighs and I wasn't always self conscious about them. When I was 19 though I bought my first cellulite cream 🙄. Slowly, I'm remembering to love my thighs. They're always gonna touch, jiggle, and have dimples. (TBH, the only gap I'll ever have is the one between my teeth). But they more importantly help me lift, run, and dance my way into self love. And for that I've gotta be pretty grateful. Hope every had and continues to have happy & safe & self-love-filled Halloweens! 🐙😍

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When you catch yourself in the mirror and be like damn, hey girl!

A photo posted by Christina........ (@posi_mom) on Oct 29, 2016 at 4:23pm PDT

Decided to be brave and raw with you guys. No filters, no editing, no cropping out my unmade bed/messy room. This is me. If you don't know, #CelluliteSaturday is a thing started by the beautiful @omgkenzieee. 93% of women have cellulite!! And while that statistic says the majority of women have it, think about how many of us try to get rid of it. The presence of cellulite is largely genetic, and im sorry to tell you that any topical cream is not going to get rid of it. I would be lying if I said i haven't tried to get rid of mine. I carry cellulite largely on my thighs and butt, especially underneath my butt. I workout 5 days a week, I eat a balanced diet, I drink lots of water, I foam roll every now and then. All of these things are said to be able to help reduce the presence of cellulite. But guess what? Who gives a fuck? lol. Honestly though. There are SO many other things that could be and ARE "flawed" about me. And if I have the "flaw" of cellulite than so be it. These "flaws" say nothing about me as a person, or who I am. This "flaw" that the majority of women have is considered a "flaw" because of the standards set by the beauty industry. Go look in a magazine, or any sort of ad with women showing skin and tell me if you see cellulite. The one company I know of that doesn't retouch the models is @aerie. But other than that, smooth skin with no evidence of cellulite is the so-called standard. And as women we constantly see that and then assume there's something wrong with us that needs to be fixed. My point is that if you have cellulite, you are not abnormal!! You aren't "flawed!" YOU aren't CELLULITE. You have cellulite. Just like you have eye boogers, ear wax, body hair, BO, split ends, stretch marks, moles, skin discolorations, acne, etc. These don't define you. Your character, heart, sense of humor, ability to understand. Those things define you and who you are as a person. Give yourself a break ladies. Much love😘❤️ #Cellulite #StretchMarks #LoveYourself

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Outtake turned favorite shot for #cellulitesaturday hosted by my girl @omgkenzieee . She shared some seriously eye opening statistics this morning about the epidemic that is body image distortion plaguing our young people. I find so much value and passion in my work with young teen girls, teaching them the foundations of self love so that they don't wait until they're 30+ to start discovering how amazing they are with my nonprofit @girlphoria . We can make a difference by creating an open environment to talk about the expectations and the realities. I don't put bathing suits on and flaunt my body for attention or validation. I do it for the young girls and women trying to find someone that looks like them in a sea of photo shopped bodies. In short- body diversity. Representation of all the different ways you can look with emphasis that there is no right or wrong way🤔. This is why you'll find me sharing the parts of me that make me uncomfortable. So that I can provide peace for just one girl that she is worthy, cellulite and all. As always babes, just do you! Xoxo Allie

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