Lai gan varētu šķist, ka pasaulē šobrīd valda mākslīgo pupiņu kults, netrūkst tādu sieviešu, kuras jūtas apmierinātas ar dabas dotajiem apaļumiem. Savukārt sociālo tīklu zvaigzne un tetovētā modele Sāra X (attēlā) nesen atbrīvojusies no krūšu implantiem un atgriezusies pie dabīgā skaistuma.

Sāra ir "Instagram" modele un "YouTube" blogere. Vispasaules slavu viņa izpelnījās pirms aptuveni diviem gadiem, kad par īstu sensāciju kļuva video, kurā viņa savas mākslīgās krūtis kratīja komponista Volfganga Amadeja Mocarta mūzikas pavadījumā.

Tiesa, lai gan milzu krūtis bija viens no Sāras slavas un panākumu galvenajiem stūrakmeņiem, daiļava nesen atbrīvojusies no implantiem un tagad atkal lepojas ar dabas dotajām formām.

Losandželosā dzīvojošā Sāra saviem atbalstītājiem un sekotājiem publiskā bloga ierakstā atklājusi, ka viņa bijusi 23 gadus veca, kad tikusi pie mākslīgajām krūtīm.

Tolaik viņa strādājusi kādā bārā par bikini dejotāju. Daudzām kolēģēm esot bijuši krūšu implanti, un arī Sāra nolēmusi padarīt savas formas kuplākas, lai noturētos darbā un nopelnītu lielāku naudu.

Tiesa, lai gan viņa tolaik sīki izpētījusi informāciju par implantiem, operācijas sekām un iespējamajām komplikācijām, viņa tomēr nolēmusi riskēt.

Sieviete skaidrojusi, ka krūšu implantus viņa uztvērusi kā darba uniformu, nevis pašapliecināšanās veidu, jo viņa nekad neesot bijuši kompleksi par saviem dabīgajiem apaļumiem.

Kā skaidrojusi Sāra, krūšu implanti atstājuši nepatīkamu iespaidu uz viņas veselību – meitene izjutusi nelabumu, krūšu galiņi kļuvuši nejūtīgi, viņai nācies lietot zāles un saskarties ar citām nejaukām blaknēm.

Kad meitene 2012. gadā pārtraukusi dejotājas darbu, viņa grasījusies izņemt svešķermeņus, taču pēc sarunas ar dakteri dūša esot bijusi papēžos – ķirurgs sabiedējis Sāru, ka viņas krūtis pēc implantu izņemšanas izskatīšoties briesmīgi.

Tiesa, šī gada augustā viņai beidzot izņemti implanti, un Sāra pavēstījusi, ka jūtas labāk nekā jebkad agrāk. Turklāt viņa nekautrējas publiski stāstīt un arī rādīt, kā pēc operācijas izmainījies viņas ķermenis.

Sāra savā "Instagram" blogā publicējusi vairākus savu krūšu tuvplānus, kuros redzamas rētas un šuves, lai iedvesmotu arī citas sievietes cienīt savu ķermeni un akli nesekot sabiedrībā valdošajiem stereotipiem, ka tikai lielas krūtis ir skaistas.

Surgery went well, no complications during the #explant, yesterday was a little tough but today I'm feeling much better. If you're losing faith in humanity, just look at my last few posts & how many people took time out of their day to type nice things to a complete stranger 💗💗💗 I'm tearing up as I write this. You guys. Stahp. It's too much, you're too amazing! Annnnnd if you are one of the people who only followed me for bewbz you can unfollow me because my implants are GONE haha. I have way more to write on this subject (and feel I really need to reiterate that HOLY SHIT YOU DO NOT NEED FAKE TITS TO BE A MODEL like some guys keep saying, that's so damn stupid) but I will save it for another post later, after my hyperbaric treatment 😽

A photo posted by Sara X Mills (@saraontheinternet) on Sep 1, 2016 at 12:49pm PDT

I am now an official member of #teamnotits! I have literally no idea what size I am right now or what size I will be once I heal, but my implants are gone, and good riddance. Currently it looks like I went from DD to AA but IDGAF! I am now 100% me & on the road to reclaiming my health, which is WAY more important than the size of my bewbz. I am not going to lie to you and say that this whole process has been easy for me. In fact, even though I knew without question it was what I wanted, it was still incredibly difficult. The first day I took the bandages off, day two after surgery, I almost passed out in the bathroom. Thankfully I have the best boyfriend ever, who helped clean and dress my wounds when I couldn’t. It was hard to look at… No part of my body has ever looked less like a body and more like raw meat to me. I joked that I had a “raw hamburger chest”. One week after surgery I can confidently say that a weight has been lifted from me. I feel lighter, physically, but also mentally. The body I see in the mirror, though currently bruised, cut up & stitched back together, is mine and it feels better than it has since before implants. I would have never imagined that removing my breast implants would give my body such relief, and make me feel so perfectly complete. (PS - I am not anti breast implants, though I don’t wish to see anyone suffering even a fraction of the health problems that plagued me from almost the moment I had mine done & I don’t believe personally that ANY of them are safe. I know a lot of you are expressing that you "prefer natural", or that fake boobs are terrible/gross/whatever. While I do appreciate the show of solidarity, that’s not really nice to the perfectly lovely ladies out there who have chosen to have implants. I’ll expound upon this later.) #frankenboobs #explant #byebyeboobies

A photo posted by Sara X Mills (@saraontheinternet) on Sep 7, 2016 at 6:11am PDT

11 days since #explant, my incisions from the lift (mastopexy) I had are healing nicely and I'm feeling much better, in case you're wondering I'm a total of one kilogram (2.2 lbs) lighter and YES my implants were almost as big as my face! I love love LOVE all the support & positivity flowing through my page right now and I hope it makes your day a little brighter too! I want you to know that even when I don't get time to respond, I personally read & appreciate ALL of your comments! I've had quite a few of you ask if I've lost any fans and the answer is NO - anyone who unfollowed me post-explant wasn't a fan of who I am, they were a fan of my fake bewbz, which is fine! I don't expect them to stay when the thing they followed me for isn't there anymore (at least not in my body lol), bon voyage and I hope they move along with no hard feelings 💗 what I mentioned in my last post though are the people who rageflail about me having my implants removed, and leave angry comments. I giggle while I block and delete because that's just ridiculous on their part! (If you've ever caught any before I could get to them then you know)- I've been doing this a long time though and stuff like that can't even touch me, all of you wonderful creatures are like an umbrella that keeps those people from raining on my parade 👻 stay weird xoxo #ittybittytittycommittee

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It’s been 16 days since my #explant surgery and today I want to answer some of the less positive comments that I get a lot since I began posting about this! 1.) I DO NOT WANT TO BE AN ANTI-PLASTIC SURGERY MASCOT! I am not against plastic surgery in general as I consider it a body modification, I just encourage people to go about it from a healthy place mentally. I DO NOT THINK THAT PEOPLE SHOULD FEEL THEY *NEED* COSMETIC SURGERY DUE TO SOCIAL PRESSURES, OR IN ORDER TO BE LOVED/ACCEPTED. I don’t agree with breast implants because I think that it will eventually come out that they’re not really “safe", but I don’t have anything against people who have them, that would be weird since I had them til 2 wks ago! 2.) HOLY SHIT I AM NOT AGAINST BIG BOOBS! I *love* boobs! As a dancer for a long time I saw THOUSANDS of boobs of all shapes, sizes and colors and I think they’re all rad. However, I don’t think that we should automatically think of women’s (or our own) bodies as being wrong or “gross" for not looking like a societal ideal. We are all different - some boobs are two different sizes, some are perky some are not, some are big some are little, some people get reductions and some get enhancements and it’s ALL GOOD (unless they’re causing you physical pain/illness). 3.) I AM TOTALLY AWARE THAT I HAD FAKE BOOBS, AND THEREFORE FED INTO THE CULTURAL EXPECTATION. I’ve loved my body through real boobs to fake boobs to Frankenboobs, and having experienced all of these things gives me a unique perspective now, into multiple facets of the social attitude towards women’s bodies. 4.) I DON’T SHARE THIS STUFF BECAUSE I NEED ATTENTION OR ACCEPTANCE. I share to raise awareness of what I’ve been through, and to help other women avoid my mistakes. I share because sharing is what I do. I got implants (as I mentioned in the piece I wrote at the link in my bio) not for self-esteem, but because I felt like it was a part of a “job uniform” for me. I didn't do enough research however, and I paid the price of not knowing what implants could do to my health. As I mentioned, I love my body with or without bewbz... OR approval!

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Sunday night in bed with #nomakeup & I feel good! I have SUCH an exciting week coming up 🙌🏼 my incisions are all closed now & the next step in healing is to begin massage and get the scars to fade 😸 when I lay down like this the pocket where my implant was is still really visible too 😹 I have a shoot tomorrow then my one month post op with my doctor Tuesday, fingers crossed I get the ok to stop wearing sports bras 24/7 so I can finally wear some of the 18474929158 cute bralettes I've stockpiled 👀 hope you all had a lovely weekend, and of course if you're new here or just late to the party you can totally click the link in my bio OR visit to answer all your questions about my #explant 😽 all negative comments will be deleted 👋🏼 #bodypositive #scars #selflove #frankenboobs #ittybittytittycommittee #fuckyeahsmallboobs

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