Kamēr daļa cilvēku šausminās par katru lieko kilogramu, citi publiski dižojas, ka pieņēmušies svarā – sociālajos tīklos arvien populārāks kļūst tēmturis "#gainingweightiscool" jeb "pieņemties svarā ir forši".

Kā vēsta ārzemju mediji, sociālo tīklu lietotāji tēmturi izmantojuši jau senāk, savukārt ap gadu mijas laiku tā popularitāte strauji pieaugusi un turpina pieaugt.

Kļūt par vienu no kustības sekotājiem ir gaužām vienkārši – jāpublicē kolāža, kurā iemūžināts, kā ķermenis izskatījās agrāk un tagad. Svarīgi, lai būtu redzams, ka laika gaitā esi pieņēmies svarā.

Otrs variants ir publicēt savu bildi un tās aprakstā sīki un smalki izklāstīt, par cik kilogramiem esi kļuvis smagāks un kā to esi panācis.

Tūkstošiem ļaužu no visas pasaules iesaistījušies šajā akcijā, tomēr mediju eksperti pagaidām savos spriedumos ir piesardzīgi, cik ilgi tēmturis spēs noturēt popularitāti.

#gainingweightiscool ❤️ this hashtag ✌️️

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#gainingweightiscool - but you know what else is cool? Knowing that you are so much more than your recovery story. Knowing that some aspects of your recovery are personal, and therefore don't need to be broadcasted to the world of Instagram. Knowing that you're busy creating a life that feels good on the inside, so much so that you forget to post photos of yourself, videos of you training and snaps of the food you eat every day. Recovery from anorexia is not about gaining weight - it's about gaining a life back. Rebuilding relationships that you thought you had damaged, including the relationship you have with yourself. ❤ If you are battling an eating disorder PLEASE don't contact the girls behind the #gainingweightiscool hashtag. Instead seek advice from professionals. #WeightGain #LifeGain #Anorexia #EDRecovery #Recovery #Instasham #FlexFriday #Abs #WeightTraining #Nutrition #Macros #PersonalTraining #PT #OnlineCoaching #Brighton #TeamMas #TeamSavage #BimsWinterPT

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I love the #gainingweightiscool movement that is happening now, because during the transition into the new year, a lot of girls start journeys for a better body through weight loss. And sure, you might have some fat to lose to be healthier or look and feel your best, but the scale should mean nothing to you if you want to get fit and create the best shape. Muscle is so dense, and do you really care what you weigh if you look freaking awesome? I hope not, you certainly shouldn't. This was back in April, and while I definitely weighed less stepping on the scale, I was weaker, my butt was kinda reaching for the floor and it was quite small (I was still proud of my body back then though, not putting it down, just stating facts!). Now I can use more than double the amount of weight in the gym on most exercises and I feel so much better about my composition and mass. The goal has been to be strong and beast from the beginning, and I'm closer now! Weight loss is not the major factor in having your best body, muscle is! Feeling good is. Thinking positively is. Believing you can do whatever you desire is. Loving the body you have in the present and appreciating what you can do. My body has reshaped, but my mind has even more so as I exercise the muscle of self love. Don't forget about that one!

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Seko "Delfi" arī Instagram vai YouTube profilā – pievienojies, lai uzzinātu svarīgāko un interesantāko pirmais!